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LEEE 2024 Details

IIITH Lateral Entry Entrance Examination (LEEE) 2024 will be conducted by the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT ) Hyderabad
followed by an interview

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The LEEE mode is for lateral entry to dual degree programmes. Graduates of the dual degree programmes earn two degrees: B.Tech and Master of Science by Research. The Masters degree requires completion of a research thesis. The programme prepares students for research-oriented jobs and higher studies. The duration of the programme is 4 years.

LEEE Seats

Am I eligible ?

The eligibility criteria for ECD and CSD programmes are as below.
  • ECD : Applicants completing their 3 Semesters of B.E. / B.Tech. in ECE / ETE / EIE / EEE / IoT / Instrumentation and Control Engineering / Electronics and Computer Engineering by July 2023
  • CSD : Applicants completing their 3 Semesters of B.E. / B.Tech. in CSE / IT/ AI & ML / Data Science / Software Engineering by July 2023.
Applicants with a keen interest in a research programme and/or an aggregate of 80% marks (or 8/10 cumulative grade point average) at the end of their 3rd semester are strongly encouraged to apply.
Note: The normal eligibility is to complete 4 semesters. If due to COVID-19 there was a delay and only 3 semesters have been completed by July 2024, it will be accepted.


Applicants in this mode need to appear for a computer-based lateral entry entrance examination (LEEE) conducted by IIIT Hyderabad.
  1. Aptitude Test – 60 Minutes
  2. Subject Test – 120 Minutes
Applicants for CSD programme must appear for the Computer Science and Engineering exam while applicants for ECD programme must appear for Electronics and Communication Engineering exam.
Date of the examination: 2024 Dates will be released soon, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
The exam will be held in multiple centers across many cities (List of Centers)

LEEE 2024 Application date starts from  : 6th Feb 2024
Last date to apply                                         : 31 March 2024
Release of Admit Card                                 :will be released soon To Download click here
Entrance Test for LEEE 2024                     : 6th May 2024

LEEE 24 will be held on 6th May 2023 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM so, Don’t Wait to start your Preparation of LEEE from IIITprep and Get lots of free stuff.
Interview                                                        : 13-15th June [Online]

Application Fee: INR 2500/- (Non-refundable)

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LEEE Interview

Candidates shortlisted from this exam will have to clear an interview to gain admission. The decision on final offer of admission is solely based on the interview performanceand the decision of the interview committee is final.
Date of interviews: 27th May 2023(Online)

LEEE Cutoffs 2023, 202222, 2021, 2020 & 2019

IIIT Hyderabad dosen’t releases cutoffs for LEEE so, this are not the verified figures.

YearCutoff Marks
LEEE 2023(65-85)/160
LEEE 2022(65-85)/140
LEEE 2021(50-65)/140
LEEE 2020(50-65)/140
LEEE 2019(50-65)/140


Download Now :

LEEE CSD Guide 2023      —>    click here

LEEE ECD Guide 2023      —>    click here

How to fill IIITH LEEE 2024 Application Form?

Step 1 – Registration:
In the first step, candidates have to register online with basic details such as name, mobile number, email ID, etc. In order to register, candidates have
to check their eligibility criteria and then register by clicking on the ‘New User’ tab. 


Step 2 – Filling Online Application Form:
Candidates who have registered successfully will be required to enter all information in the online application form of IIITH LEEE 2024. The details to be entered in IIITH LEEE 2024 application form will be different for different channels of admission (UGEE/DASA/KVPY/NT SE/JEE Main). Candidates have to provide all the information such as personal, education, and communication details while filling the application form.
Step 3 – Payment of Application Fees:
Candidates have to pay the application fee, which is Rs.2500/- (non-refundable). The fee can be paid through debit card/ credit card/ net banking.
Step 4 – Submission of Application Form
After payment of application fees candidates have to submit the application form. Candidates must also note that after submitting the final application
form candidates have to take a printout of the same and keep it safely for future references.

IIIT Hyderabad LEEE Results

IIITH LEEE result 2024 will be declared after 2 weeks from the date of the exam, Candidates can check their results on the official website in online mode. To check the IIITH LEEE 2024 results candidates have to enter their username and password on the login window. Qualified candidates in LEEE 2024 will be called for an interview as per their marks obtained in the entrance test. The authority will prepare a rank list on the basis of combined scores of the written test and interview. To get complete details about IIIT LEEE 2024 Click Here.

IIIT Hyderabad Courses

1. CSD: B Tech and Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering by Research (5 years Dual Degree)

This is a five-year integrated course offered to meritorious undergraduate students, at the end of the third year. Students enroll for extra courses at the end of their third year and complete the first year equivalent of the MS by Research program, while in the final year of the undergraduate program. The Dual Degree option enables students to acquire two degrees – B Tech (Hons) and MS by Research by successfully defending their MS thesis. The normal duration for a dual degree program is five years. Click here for the semester-wise curriculum.

2. ECD: B Tech and Master of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering by Research (5 years Dual Degree)

This is a five-year integrated course offered to meritorious undergraduate students, at the end of the third year. Students enroll for extra courses at the end of their third year and complete the first year equivalent of the MS by Research program, while in the final year of the undergraduate program. The Dual Degree option enables students to acquire two degrees – B Tech (Hons) and MS by Research by successfully defending their MS thesis. The normal duration for a dual degree program is five years. Click here for the semester-wise curriculum.

3. CND: B.Tech in Computer Science and Master of Science in Computational Natural Sciences by Research (5 years Dual Degree)

 1. About the Program: This program is about science – but it is not limited to the way science is traditionally practiced. This is also about computer science and IT – but it is not about creating IT professionals. It is about the science that is emerging in the interface of the information revolution and the challenges posed by some of the grave issues and problems in today’s world. From newer ways of acquisition and management of multivariate data on complex natural systems to newer ways of deriving knowledge from the data using novel methods of data visualization and computational simulation, the world today needs a different breed of enabled scientists who are ready to navigate this interface. This program is for those who have the inner desire to take on these grand scientific challenges.

2. Brief Objectives of the Program: Training young minds for high-quality education both in computer science and in emerging areas in computational natural sciences and eventually to ‘Computational Thinking’ empowered research in natural sciences;

  1. Providing state of the art skills pertaining to the application of computers and computational sciences;
  2. Enabling young students to carry out research activities in several new and emerging multidisciplinary areas in sciences across the boundaries of the traditional scientific disciplines, e.g., the interface of biology and nanomaterials, fluid dynamics, material science, networks (biological, social, epidemiology, etc.,), statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics/chemistry, structure-function relationships of biological molecules, drug design, etc.; Special courses are designed to offer a multidisciplinary view in this broad research area. Students receive basic training in all disciplines, and choose a specialization within one of these disciplines;
  3. Providing an environment with coming together of computer and computational scientists with domain specialists, both theoretical as well as experimental

3. Special Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Students with KVPY, NTS, or equivalent (e.g., JBSTS), olympiad awards are admitted without JEE requirement.
  2. All other students coming via JEE must have an orientation towards scientific research. A high degree of interest in science is mandatory and preference will be given to winners of state or national level science project competitions, and those selected for Discovery science programs 

4. Details of the program: # courses in CS: Nearly 18 courses with 72 credits;
# courses in CNS: Nearly 18 courses with 73 credits;

A few of the courses involve laboratory training;
Additionally, there are a few courses in engineering and humanities;
Mandatory projects begin usually from the sixth or seventh semester; students are encouraged to take up research projects at even earlier stages.

A few novel features of the curriculum are as follows:

  1. Strong research focus: students spend a significant period of the program on their own project in a research environment of internationally renowned quality; course modules are strongly related to ongoing research and are taught by research professionals;
  2. Complementary curricula from computer science and natural science domains;
  3. Integrated program: The program has been designed to ensure that core subjects are offered to all students irrespective of their final specialization area. Specialized depth courses are designed to enable students to get into the research mode in areas depending on their interests and strengths. 

Links to research pages/research project pages   http:/iiit.ac.in/research
for CNS: ccnsb.iiit.ac.in

for areas in CS, ECE, and humanities: Look for individual centers listed under ‘research’ on IIIT home page

Click here for the semester-wise curriculum.

5. Future Prospects:

India is undergoing a rapid expansion in both academic and industrial sectors in computational natural sciences. While training in CNS launches a student into a global scientific manpower market, our intention is to reinforce scientific capabilities within the country. Most of the graduating students are expected to be absorbed in several National universities, research labs, or industrial R & D divisions. For the rest, cross-disciplinary capabilities are assumed to be high, as witnessed from the large-scale mobility of science graduates towards the corporate sector and another arena in several advanced countries.

4. CLD: B.Tech in Computer Science and Master of Science in Computational Linguistics by Research (5 years Dual Degree)

Computational Linguistics (CL) deals with understanding and developing computational theories of human language. Such theories allow us to understand the structure of language and build computer software that can process language. For example, if a query in English, Hindi, or Telugu can be processed (that is, analyzed and understood) by the machine, then it can try to find an answer from a given database or from a set of documents. A search engine of the future is likely to use such technology.

There is a great emphasis today on machine learning where the machine learns from real-life language data. Consequently, the field is close to both Linguistics as well as Artificial Intelligence.

If you have a fascination for the scientific study of natural language and combining it with computer science., this area is for you. The dual-degree program will give you a strong grounding in both Computer Science and Linguistics and will prepare you for academic research as well as industry research jobs in Computational Linguistics.

Click here for the semester-wise curriculum.

5. CHD: B.Tech in Computer Science and Master of Science in Computing & Human Sciences by Research (5 years Dual Degree)

About the Programme: Computers and their various incarnations are transforming our world in ways that are unprecedented, and even unintended. Comparable historical parallels are, perhaps, the emergence of the printing press and, some centuries later, the spread of hydrocarbon fuels like coal and oil; but perhaps computers are changing the world at a much faster rate. The academic competencies required to comprehend such fundamental transformations will not be found either within standard science and technology departments or within those of the humanities and social sciences. Both of these focus on one side of this complex phenomenon.

Academic advances in the human sciences in the 21st century will depend on an ability to work with computers. Similarly, computer science will be impactful when it understands the society it works in. This program is for intellectual pioneers who are keen to take on this inter-disciplinary challenge of understanding computers and society in a holistic manner.

Students will be expected to engage in research that pushes their knowledge in either or both directions within the computer and human sciences. Students will participate in innovative and pioneering research projects where computer science tools and methods are used to ask questions in the social sciences; or which use social science methods to understand computer science. They will graduate with an ability to identify new research areas, use radically new academic methods, and ask questions that cannot be accommodated within the currently available academic formats.

Click here for the semester-wise curriculum.

IIIT Hyderabad Admission FAQs

Q1: I have received admission to IITs. Why should I consider joining IIIT Hyderabad?

IIIT Hyderabad UG program is unique in the country.

  1. It provides research opportunities, even to a UG student, not available anywhere else in the country. Many UG students are able to publish papers at international conferences. Some even visit abroad for working with partner research groups while still a UG students.
  2. It has a modern and flexible curriculum that allows a student to tailor it to his/her requirements.
  3. Infrastructure is extremely good in academics as well as in hostels and student life.

So, if you want to achieve your dreams, of creating new technologies or doing cutting-edge research, come to IIIT Hyderabad.

Q2: Why should I join the 5-year dual degree program? In the 4-year program, I finish one year early.

The dual degree program prepares you for research and jobs in your area of interest are likely to come up in large numbers as more R&D companies start their operations. It also prepares you for higher studies, if you wish to pursue Ph.D. in India or abroad.

The program takes one extra year, but then you get two degrees B.Tech. and Masters. Normally, M.Tech. requires two years beyond B.Tech. The fifth-year is expected to be fully supported if your academic performance is satisfactory and the availability of funded projects in your area of research. You are also likely to get financial support in the form of teaching assistantships in the earlier years when you assist in teaching or work in funded research projects. 

Q3: What are some of the areas in which UG students can do research?

Robotics, wireless communication, speech processing, machine translation, search engines, computer vision, pattern recognition, databases, data mining, VLSI, embedded systems, bio-informatics. More information here  

Q4: Is branch change allowed?

Branch change is allowed between CSE and ECE after 1st year, subject to the condition that the total numbers in each branch are within 10% (plus or minus) of sanctioned strength (i.e. in the range of 90 – 110% of the sanctioned strength).

Program change from 4-year to a dual degree program is permitted typically at the end of the 3rd year. Change from dual degree to 4-year program is not permitted.

Q5: IIIT-H fee is higher than the fee at IITs or NITs. Why?

IIIT offers high-quality infrastructure. It has modern well-kept living facilities. It also has one of the highest bandwidth availability per student. It has a highly qualified research-oriented faculty with research centers. All this costs money. Most importantly IIIT does not run on annual Government grants. This allows complete autonomy and high academic standards but does result in a slightly higher fee. However, financial assistance is available.

Q6: I am not able to pay the fee. Is any financial assistance available?

IIIT-H special financial assistance scheme (ISFAS): Financial support is provided on a need basis, to students through this scheme on a payback (after graduation) basis. The funds for this support are contributed by the Institute as well as alumni who, despite being young, have contributed generously. The Institute has earmarked an enhanced contribution to this pool for this year.

Q7: How are the on-campus placement opportunities?

A detailed report on placements can be found here.

Q8: Is there a hostel facility on campus? What about the other facilities?

Yes, IIIT-H is a residential Institute and it is compulsory for all students to stay on-campus. Separate hostels for boys and girls are available on-campus with basic facilities. Hostels are completely networked with an Internet facility. UG1 students are not provided a network facility in their hostel rooms. However, they have access to the internet in common labs during daytime.

You can read about the institute’s infrastructure here.

Q9: How is Hyderabad’s climate?

Hyderabad has a pleasant salubrious climate. It is dry, so even when it is hot under the sun, it is pleasant under the shade. It has two hot months (April and May) and even in those months there is no loo (hot wind), and evenings become pleasant. As soon as the monsoons arrive (approximately 7th June) Hyderabad becomes like an “air-conditioned” city and not hot and muggy like other cities. Winters are mild with the temperature rarely going below 12 degrees Centigrade at night. (Hyderabad is at an altitude of 500 m so its climate is different from the rest of the Andhra climate.)

Q10: What kind of city is Hyderabad? What does it have to offer?

Hyderabad is a large metropolis (the 5th largest city of India) with old-world charm. It is a favored destination of the software industry in India and a large cosmopolitan city with interesting eating places, shopping areas, theatres, visibly present film industries, etc. However, it retains a personal touch of a small town. People are helpful and laid back, and surprisingly autorickshaw drivers do not “take you for a ride” unnecessarily. Culturally it is active with heritage walks, monuments that invite you, painting exhibitions, Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Q11: Where is IIIT-H located in Hyderabad? What facilities are available in its vicinity?

IIIT is located in Gachibowli with a largely self-contained campus. Most of your needs will be satisfied within the campus: hostel, mess, canteen, stationery shop, weekly film shows, etc. There is a nearby market within a kilometer from campus where items of personal need are available. IIIT is about 15 km from the center of the city but well connected with buses and shared minitaxies (temples). Gachibowli is a fast-developing area in which several new software companies are building their campuses including Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, and others. As a result, many new facilities are coming up in the area. However, you will be busy with academic activities and will go out relatively infrequently.

Q12: Do I have to fill or buy IIIT Hyderabad form for admission?

The admission to IIIT is through institute portals. Kindly check here for the details of filling the application form and paying the application fees.

Q13: Can I apply for multiple modes of admission to IIIT?

Yes, but: (1) You will be allowed to accept, hold and pay for a seat in only one of the modes. If you wish to change your accepted program later when offered during the admission process, you must first release your accepted seat. (2) If the modes you apply require an interview, you will be interviewed only once. For e.g. if you apply through KVPY and UGEE, you will be interviewed only for UGEE.

Q14: Is IIIT, Hyderabad participating in JEE (Main) -2019?

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad is not participating in CSAB counseling (JEE (Main) -2019). IIIT, Hyderabad offers B.Tech. admissions through Institute portal using JEE(Main) 2019 Marks.

Q15: I have heard all the students in the first year will be required to purchase laptops in the first year. Should I purchase now?

No, you do not need any Laptop in your first year. You will get access to a workspace equipped with computers.

Q16: Is there a Dual Degree Program for ECE students?

Yes, there is. It has the same characteristics as the Dual Degree Program for ECE students in terms of requirements and objectives.

Q17: How is the Dual Degree Program different from the B.Tech one?

Refer to Q2

Q18: What is it in there for me in the Dual Degree Program?

A lot of fun in doing cutting-edge research in a specific stream. Opportunities to do internships in the best of places. Ability to join Research Exchange Program. Detailed information can be found here.

Q19: When does one have to choose the field of specialization for the Dual Degree Program?

At the end of the second year.

Q20: What are Trans-disciplinary dual-degree programs? Should I join them?

Institute offers trans-disciplinary programs leading to dual-degrees:

B.Tech in Computer Science and MS in ‘X’, where ‘X’ stands for one of the following:

Computational Natural Science

Computational Linguistics, or

Exact Humanities.

This will allow students to pursue new areas along with a strong computational background. Major breakthroughs in research are likely to come from such trans-disciplinary research.

Q21: I have paid online through a debit/credit card. How do I verify if the payment was successful?

Please ask your bank if the amount is deducted from your credit card/debit card account. If the amount is deducted then the payment was successful. If you do not click anywhere on the screen while the bank website is redirecting to the IIIT website after successful online payment, then you will see a confirmation message on the screen and you would also receive an email with a payment successful message. In case you have not received an email but the amount is deducted from your account, please send an email to ‘ugadmissions@iiit.ac.in’ with the transaction ID, Bank account no., Date/Time of transaction, Transaction amount, your name, email address, etc. details. We will try to confirm within 7 working days whether we have received the payment.

Q22:Will I receive confirmation if I send the form by post/courier?

If you have specified the correct email address in the application form for phase-I then you should receive an email confirmation about registration. We also send postal confirmation to all applicants who have filled the application phase-I form through post.

Q23: 12th marks have not been announced for my board. What should I do?

Please leave the fields blank where 12th marks details are asked in phase I form if your results are not yet announced. You can fill in these details in phase II form.

Q24: I have not received any confirmation email after completing phase I. What should I do?

Please check the SPAM folder or bulk email folder for the confirmation email. Since such emails are generated automatically they very often go to SPAM or bulk mail folders. In case you can’t find the email and the amount got deducted from your debit/credit card account then please send an email to ugadmissions@iiit.ac.in with the transaction ID, Bank accounts no., Date/Time of transaction, Transaction amount, your name, email address, etc. details and we will reply to you within 7 working days.

Q25: Is there any SC/ST/BC, women, physically challenged, etc. quota for IIIT admissions?

No, there is no SC/ST/BC, women, physically challenged, etc. quota or reservation of any kind for IIIT admissions. All admissions are strictly merit-based and in the open category.

Q26: Will the IIT JEE rank be considered along with JEE(Main) rank for admission?

No, we only consider JEE(Main) Marks for regular admissions. There is however a provision for admissions based on Olympiads, NTSE or KVPY, etc. Further, for students from Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities with Mathematics, there are opportunities to pursue Dual Degree Computational Linguistics or Exact Humanities. Please read here for more information on admissions based on these criteria.

Q27. If I have paid the application fee (or any other fee) more than once, what should I do? Is a refund applicable on the full amount?

In case you have paid the application fee (or any other fee) more than once by mistake or for any other reason (you find the amount has been debited from you more than once), please immediately send a mail to ugadmissions@iiit.ac.in. The admissions office will cross-check the same and inform you of the refund possibility.
As regards the refund amount, please note that the refund for the additional payments, if any, will be only for the fee amount that was charged by the Institute and will not include the Transaction and/or Bank charges paid as part of the online payment process. 

Q28: Is there any internal sliding possible once we join the institute?

There will be no internal sliding after you join the institute. For four-year/five-year B.Tech/Dual degree programs in CSE and ECE, a branch change is possible according to institute rules after the first year.

For other five-year dual degree programs in Computational Natural Sciences, Computational Linguistics, Exact Humanities, and Building Science & Engineering as they are special programs, no branch change is allowed. So you should opt for these programs only if you are really interested in them. Your opting for programs without a serious intent to join deprives another candidate of the seat, as there would be no more rounds.

Q29. There seem to be lot more seats vacant in dual degree programs. Why is it so?

The dual degree research program is for 5-years. Students who would like to do research would generally prefer this program. However, some students whose first preference is a 4-year program may also opt for the 5-year dual degree program and gets the seat. In further rounds, he/she may slide to 4-year based on the vacancy which will create a vacant seat in a dual degree program. 

Q30. What are opening and closing JEE (Main) Marks in the last 5 years (branch-wise)?

JEE Cut Off Marks Statement from 2015 to 2019


































Q31. What are placement details for the year 2018?

The UG graduates achieved 100% placements for several years. The average and median annual salaries for 2017-18 of ECE graduates were Rs 17 lakhs and 16 lakhs respectively. The figures for CSE graduates were Rs 23 lakhs and 24 lakhs, for ECD graduates Rs 22.5 lakhs and Rs 24 lakhs, and for CSD graduates Rs 23 lakhs and Rs 22.5 lakhs in the same period. However, the institute believes in promoting the wholesome progression of each student as true leaders in their chosen career area. The statistics on the student’s first jobs do not truly reflect the institute’s vision about their career.

Source: IIIT Hyderabad Admission FAQs click here

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